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Description: Need For Madness 2 UMO 5


Creator: Mike

Status: Completed


Need For Madness: 2 Revised And Recharged Edit

Description: This version of Need For Madness includes floating stages and other hacks. The version consists of 50 stages and 30 cars. The cars can actually achieve power beyond the MAX Learn tech News. The game also includes new track pieces Unblock Game.

Download Link:

Creator: NeedForMadnessExpert

Status:  "Never to be finished"


Need For Madness 2: Revised and Recharged - NfmGame Edit

Description: This game is a step up from the first one. It includes 50 cars and 56 stages. The Nuclear Warhead can achieve Power beyond the MAX. It also includes floating stages and new track pieces. It is still a prototype.

More latest News information TodayKos

Download Link: <--- Complete version

Pan Java Edition:

Creator: NeedForMadnessExpert

Status: Partially Finished

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Need For Madness DSmod Edit

Description: "Well, since I got the first copy of a Nfm-mod (being exact, a beta version of Need for Madness 2 - Time for Destruction) I have seen many mods of Need for Madness; so, I got some ideas and decided to start my own Nfm2-mod.

That happened some months ago. Now, Nfm2-DSmod is going at Open Beta v0.7 of its first game (yes, there will be more): Nfm2-DSmod 1: A Nfm2 modification." ~DragShot

All of the cars are either new cars or recolors of cars from NFM2.

Always veers to the left/right when turning, bugged out

Download Link: DragShot's Website

Play Online: DragShot's Website

Creator: Dragshot

Status: Mostly Finished


Need For Madness S7 V1: Your Journey on S7Edit

Need For Madness S7 V1: Your Journey on S7 is a custom NFM2 version created by Shahar Berenson, who's YouTube account name is Shachar700.

Development Edit

(More information needed)

Info Edit

This version consists of having custom tracks and re-coloured cars, except Turbo Shark and Thunder Storm.

Release Never Edit

The game was offically released on January 12, 2012 (although the first release is still unknown).

Need For Madness LGXEdit

Developement: Need For Madness LGX is a edited version of Need For Madness 1, 84 cars, 103 stages and 2 modes of race derby race and normal race.

Link:(Not Link)

Creator: Adrian

Progress: Not Done. 70-80 progress.

Need for Madness RS Edit

sorry but cancelled

Total Madness Edit

Development: Total Madness is a hack that attempts to make the game much more fast-paced and fun. For now, it is unfinished. -9/23/17


Author: jccrafter9000

Progress: In-Dev


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