NFM Title Screen

Need For Madness is a popular series of mad car racing and crashing online games. They were produced by Radical Play. The games were was created by Omar Waly. There are currently three games in this sucessfull series. In the games, you can win two ways: Waste (destroy) the other cars or race through all of the checkpoints on each lap to victory.

Need For Madness Edit

Need For Madness was the first game in the series. It was a big success. It included 11 stages and 10 cars. Completing each two levels unlocks a new car. Some stages are similar to those of its successor, Need For Madness 2. (The original version called Stunts Aerial control, and instead of Endurance had Power Save)

Need For Madness 2 Edit

Being the sequal of Need For Madness, Need For Madness 2 has more cars and stages then its first edition. All the cars are the same, but modified to have better graphics. Also, the sound quality is improved. The game includes 17 stages and 10 cars.

Need For Madness Multiplayer- WowYar Edit

Need For Madness Multiplayer has the same cars and stages from NFM2, but also includes all the stages used in NFM1. However, in the game, people may hack the game and impersonate others. This has become an increasing issue. In order to publish cars and stages, you must pay $11 to register for an account. The game also includes many new features WowYar.

Stage Maker Edit

The Stage Maker allows you to make and publish your own stages. You can use any track parts from both NFM games. The Stage Maker lets you use one of the pre-uploaded soundtracks for your stage. You can also go to [1] to find and upload your own MOD. files.

Car Maker Edit

The Car Maker allows you to design and publish your cars. To make a car, follow the tutorial at the Need For Madness website [2]

Controls Edit

These are the controls for all of the games.

  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Space: Handbrake/Perform airborne stunts
  • A: Toggle Arrow (from track to cars)
  • V: Change view
  • S: Toggle RADAR

References Edit

  2. Need For Madness Simple Car tutorial