Porsche 997 (or Carrera) is a car made by Porsche.

Porsche Carrera 997
The tiger


Need for Madness RS


Nissan 240SX, Toyota Supra

Boss of

Speed Tunnel



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Adrian Defta






Below Average



It is aslo one of the original cars in NFMRS.

Overview Edit

Porsche 997 has an emphasis on racing, though in Epic Getaway its A.I. its much more agressive even try to destroy stronger cars like the invicible Bullet Porsche GT1 (its indestructible but cant defeat cars in one hit like NeedForMadnessExperts Nuclear Warhead or KILLER). 997 shares its own disavantages. First, its low tire grip. This makes it the most terrible decision for 1,2,3! Get Frozen! because the stage has very low grip and also the car has low grip and is super hard to win that stage with this car. Not only is very drifty but is the car with the lowest grip in the game. Second, its higher Aerial Control, even than Nimi in NFM. He rotates extremely fast but had loose control making it lose control quickly and give a risk of a Bad Landing. Third, its fairly weak Endurance. He cant destroy stronger cars when not at Full Power. Fourth, its Gets Pushed value. One hit from a very fast car pushes him two times more than a normal car. Last, the handbrake. Instead of stopping fast like most cars, it causes 997 to drift if used when it turn and slowly slowdown.

But it has advantages, the most common is its speed making it suitable for racing. Another is that is the only who succesfully perform a stunt (mostly rollspins, but if you are very lucky, backflips) in Radical rating from a small off-road ramp. The grip also makes it great from turning a wide road turn without falling. Hitting it from sides dont have any worth because it takes very little to no damage, absorbing it. A advantage is that gets more power from a stunt due to the very high rotation. Had a advanced Power Save, which allows it to travel relatively long distances without having to perform stunts to recharge Power. The low grip doesnt work on offroad tiles.

Strategies Edit

Its AI depend on what stage, but mostly follow:

  • When its severely damaged and a car is going to the fixing hoop, he mostly reset racing or finding another hoop.
  • Sometimes when Provoked, it turns aggressive.
  • If heres a shortcut, he must use it.

Trivia Edit

  • Porsche 997 will bounce indefinitely with the use of Aerial Boosts if it lands on all four wheels. This also allows players to chain multiple Aerial Boosts with Power-recharging stunts to give them a massive lead in both racing and wasting.
  • This Carrera looks a quite like a Cayman in the game.
  • In the beta phase, there is a car similar to the 997 named Porsche 996. When 997 was released, it quickly replaced the 996 for the game as a promotion.
  • Hitting it from the sides it will cause it to spin, and takes time to recover due to its poor grip.

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