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Welcome to the Custom Need For Madness wiki

The Custom NFM wiki Is a brand new wiki that is made by Toazahrok.

The wiki contains a total of 17 articles.

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Hi! Welcome to the Custom Need For Madness Wiki! Here, you can make a page for your custom NFM cars, tracks and games! The Need For Madness Custom Wiki was created by ToaZahrok and is base on custom cars, custom stages and custom Need For Madness versions. You can post your cars and stages on this wiki. Please do not spam this wiki or you will be banned.

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These people are the bureaucrats/admins/chat mods here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

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Need For Madness - KILL-O-MATIC

Need For Madness - KILL-O-MATIC


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The video portal is hosted by The-Buster-ZX and ToaZahrok. it's made to showcase Custom cars and stages created by you. Join now

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The forum was made to find topics,chat,blog and so much more!! it's hosted by ToaZahrok and a bunch of other admins Join Now!!

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Sting ray This is a test app



The custom need for madness wiki is under work once again and it will be bigger and better!! ;)

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