The rogue one is a car created by me, based on radical one, but with a more wasting-friendly stat balance.

Advantages Edit

  • High strength levels
  • Fast enough (around the same speed as DR Monstaa
  • Excellent handling
  • Can lift other cars, which when added to its relatively high strength and speed makes it a very effective waster
  • Above average stunting

Disadvantages Edit

  • Poor power save means that drag race stages will completely drain it before it even completes lap AND that it cant survive prolonged skirmshes without having to recharge its energy every 30 seconds
  • Can be turned into Milk Toast by any of the Big 3 or Radical one

How to beat itEdit

This is  fairly easy if you keep it away from ramps (or the fixing hoop). However DO NOT use a class B or C car against it, as it can waste even EL KING in less than 5 Direct hits at more than 1/2 power. Use DR Monstaa or M A S H E E N (but be cautious) to put the game to bed.

Appearance (ill upload pictures later) Edit

Basically it looks like radical one, but with spikes on the wheels, one side completely red and all front and back lights green

Stats Edit

Top Speed 6/7

Acceleration 5/7

Handling 7/7

Stunts 5.5/7

Strength 5.5/7

Endurance 6/7