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Toyota Supra is one of the 39 original cars in NFM:RS. Too far, is a car very good for starters, a blend of race, stunt and wast. It is very similar to Tornado Shark, except TS excels at stunts and has no confirmed real-life counterpart. Also is a potential car of choice for experienced players looking for a low-tier game car.

Overview Edit

Although it is a low-tier car, Toyota Supra can still do considerable damage to most other game cars or even waste them outright if they have taken heavy damage, so some caution is advised if it attempts to waste the player when they are low on Power or are close to being wasted. lts grip is good as a all-rounder. Toyota Supra preffers to race, and it was primary a racer. But it waste on some tracks with empashis on wasting such as Epic Getaway or Where”s Waldo?. Has good endurance compared to an Class C car, with this is aslo good as waster. Racing with this is the same easy than a class C car, but it does not excel at one of them.

Though had poor stunts and mediocre power save, which makes it the most big problem of the car. Its stunts are slightly slow even than a low-tier, except if you hack the wheels to become shiny it rotates extremely fast for some reason. Despite this, it benefits of more aerial boost than normal. The problem is not the Aerial Control Gliding but is the Aerial Speed Rotation. Another problem is that cant waste class B cars properly. A drawback is that being good at all of class C cars, is not the best at any stat from that class.

But when Toyota Supra is an AI, it happens to be usually the first car to be wasted.

Strategies Edit

  • Feign Retreating: Try this on a slow car. Run away and the car will follow you and lead it to hazards. Try to make the car crash and you escape.
  • Snake Dance: A zig-zag motion.

Trivia Edit

  • The image in the infobox is the same as how the car looks in the game.
  • When you use a fast car in a wasting stage on Toyota Supra by spinning around him, it gets angry and become much less of a threat; but he gets just slightly boring.....
  • A glitch about getting Power OVER MAX works with any cars, but is much easier to do with this car.

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